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Whether you’re buying, selling, remodeling, or just curious about your home’s safety, a property inspection is an important part of being a homeowner. When you hire a professional to conduct a home inspection, you reap many benefits that can end up saving you money and keeping you safe.

By investing in a house inspection, condo inspection, or commercial inspection for your home or business, you arm yourself with knowledge that can help you make important life-altering decisions. A typical item on the property inspector’s checklist is the structure of a building. By determining which areas of your property have the soundest foundations, you’ll have a better idea of how to go about a remodeling project. A building inspection can also be the key factor in determining whether you need to begin making immediate repairs in order to insure the safety of your house, condo, or commercial building and those who enter it. Home inspectors generally conduct surveys of your home’s components that could lead to disasters should they be improperly placed. For instance, a home inspector will test the quality of the electrical wiring in your home, assure that your roof allows proper ventilation, and will often even assess the workability of your smoke detectors-providing you with the additional security you need to feel safe in your own home or business.

If you own or are thinking about buying a condo, don’t think you’re exempt from the inspection requirement. Hiring a professional property inspector to conduct a condo inspection is necessary to insure the building’s safety. If you’re looking at buying a condo, getting that condo inspected means having the knowledge to make a better offer. You might also find that you don’t want to purchase the condo because of possible safety problems such as carbon monoxide, faulty wiring, appliances that do not work, or errors in construction. If your condo inspection turns up problems and you still want to purchase the home, you can lower your offer or ask the seller to fix the problems before you buy. Sellers, on the other hand, should invest in a condo inspection before selling so that they can brace themselves against false reports generated by potential buyers’ inspectors.

Other types of common home and condo inspection include mold inspections and termite inspections. Mold can grow beneath walls and other surfaces, making it invisible to the naked eye. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less potent. Because mold releases tiny spores into the air, it is unlikely that a person would even know he or she had been affected until he or she started feeing the symptoms of one of mold’s many damaging effects on health, including allergies, infections, and irritation. A mold inspection can alert you to the fact that there is mold in your home or office before the mold begins to take a toll on your health.

Similarly, a termite inspection is necessary because of the degrading affect that termites have on a home’s structure over time. Termites are insects that eat wood, but remain hidden. Without a termite inspection, home and business owners may not even know they have a termite problem until the wood in their buildings begins to show surface damage–making it too late to do much about the issue. Like mold, catching termites early means sparing yourself massive problems.

But while conducting a home or commercial inspection is necessary for homeowners and buyers, along with the owners of commercial buildings, finding a qualified home inspector can be difficult. You don’t want just anyone inspecting your home; instead, you want to make sure that the person you hire has the ability and credentials necessary to give you an accurate report. With Condo Inspectors, however, finding that perfect inspector for your home, condo, or business becomes easier. Condo Inspectors is a directory of over 11,000 U.S. home inspectors who are available to perform a variety of services, including home and condo inspection, mold and termite inspection, and even insurance inspection–such as wind mitigation. When you find your inspector through Condo Inspectors, you can be sure he or she is a reputable professional. With Condo Inspectors, finding a qualified inspector is fast and easy. Additionally, by visiting Condo Inspectors at, you can request a free, no obligation quote before even beginning your search for the inspector who could save you money or even save your life with a professional home inspection.


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